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Vancouver – October 2014

Here are some photographs from my latest trip back home to Vancouver. Unlike last year's visit, this trip came complete with typical Vancouver...

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San Francisco – October 2014

I was lucky enough to accompany my husband on a business trip he had to San Francisco this month. And although the weather was hotter than it was in Mississippi (minus the humidity), we had a wonderful time. A special thank you to Holly for showing me the coast. The...

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Home Sweat Home, Gautier Mississippi – July 2014

This past spring my husband accepted a new position with his company, and in July we moved from Houston Texas to Gautier Mississippi. Gautier is a small town, two hours east of New Orleans, on the Gulf of Mexico. It has been a big change moving from the fourth largest...

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Rainy Day Images

There have been many times when the weather just doesn't entice me to go outside and take photos! On those days it is nice to have an indoor project. These photographs were all part of image "assignments" and "challenges". The first two images were shot for a...

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Ecuador – April 2014

From April 5th to the 25th 2014, my husband and I embarked on a wonderful adventure. We travelled to Ecuador to celebrate both of our 50th birthdays and our 25th wedding anniversary (all of which occurred in a three week gap near the time of our trip).   We landed in...

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Galveston – March 2014

Galveston is a barrier island off the coast of Texas, south of Houston. The old architecture and abundant birdlife make wonderful photographic...

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Legacy sSs Ranch – February 2014

Thanks so much to Lou Shields, owner and operator of Legacy sSs Ranch in Brenham Texas, for letting me photograph her wonderful Texas Longhorn. Although these animals are huge, they are very gentle. For some of these shots I was using a fisheye lens, and on more than...

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West Coast Christmas 2013

This Christmas we spent time with family on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and also spent a few days in Vancouver. What a beautiful location. Sometimes we take for granted all that is around us. British Columbia is one of the most incredible places on...

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Vancouver Fall – Oct 2013

This fall I returned to Vancouver to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with family. The weather was fantastic. The days were cold and crisp and many mornings I awoke to fog. This was the first time in a long time that I can remember the leaves turning wonderful fall...

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