Where ever I am living, Vancouver will always be home for me. I was born and raised there. Since moving to a small town in Southern Mississippi two and a half years ago, I have come to the realization that I am a big city girl at heart! Don’t get me wrong; I love the Gulf Coast. We have incredible wildlife and scenery here, and the southern hospitality is warm and genuine. However, I do miss the crowds, glass, asphalt, and steel of a big city. Therefore, whenever I’m back home visiting, I look forward to doing some street photography in downtown Vancouver.

Why Street Photography in Downtown Vancouver?

Why Street Photography? Well, back in June of this year, I caught the bug during a vacation to France. I wanted to mix up my photography and challenge myself so I decided to put some limits on my photography during the trip. To do this, I chose to take all my photographs with a single focal length lens. I purchased a Fuji X100T with a fixed 23mm lens (35mm full frame equivalent) and left my Nikon gear at home. Since that trip, Street Photography has become a passion for me. So much so that in August I took a Street Photography workshop, and I haven’t looked back!

I took these two sets of images on recent trips back to Vancouver in the fall. Shooting on the streets is often a solitary adventure for me. In October I found time to spend two full days in the city by myself. These days gave me lots of time to wander the streets with no particular route in mind. I had fun creating images as they unfolded around me.

In November I was lucky to have some company. I spent an afternoon with Ian MacDonald, a friend, and official Fujifilm X-Photographer. Ian is partly to blame for my foray into the genre of Street Photography and my addiction to Fujifilm cameras!


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