It has been over seven weeks since I began this daily photography diary chronicling my time under stay-at-home orders due to the Coronavirus pandemic. British Columbia has flattened the curve now. Starting mid next week, we will start our slow transition towards the new “normal.” I’m sure that life will look much different than it did pre-Covid. How great it will be to hug again!


Over these past seven weeks, I have photographed all types of subjects. Most of them have been around my home and garden. Some of my photos I captured on my morning walks. There is a theme to some, while others are simply shots that spoke to the feelings I was experiencing at the time.

I have genuinely enjoyed capturing these daily images. I have been able to take this time to try new techniques and photograph subjects that I would not usually have considered. These images have helped me process my feelings, as well as providing a purpose for the day. However, the task of posting every day is beginning to seem like a chore. So this past week, I decided to wrap up the daily shots with post number fifty. I will still be taking photographs most days but will post on a less frequent basis.

Thanks for accompanying me on my journey. I hope you will continue to follow my photography as I transition back to my usual subjects. Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy.

Day 43 – Friday, May 1

‘Signs of Spring’

Today I had a wonderful time mucking about in the garden! Not only did I get my hands dirty, but I also had time to photograph some of our spring blooms. What I love about being in the garden are the sounds. There is something very cathartic about sitting silently and listening to the birds, wind and creek. The anxiety of Covid seems to melt away while I’m there.

Day 44 – Saturday, May 2

‘Eyes, Ears and a Tail’

The rain poured down most of the day, so I wasn’t able to get out in the garden. Instead, I decided that the cats would be the focus of my daily shot, and Daisy was kind enough to pose for me. Although I must confess, it did take a bit of help from my daughter and a handful of treats for the cat to pull off the shot! Daisy was not thrilled with the idea but did cooperate for a few seconds.

Day 45 – Sunday, May 3

‘Spring Snowball’

After intense hail and rain this morning, which we were out hiking in, the sun made an appearance this afternoon. However, I struggled to find something to photograph. This weekend I have felt some pressure trying to post a picture every day. I feel like I have shot everything in my confined world. The cats are starting to run the other way when they see my lens. I’ve photographed in the garden, and still life scenes using flowers from the garden. I even made a self-portrait. I would so much love to go downtown and spend a day shooting street photography. Uninspired, I headed out to the back yard before dinner.

The fragrance from this shrub drew me towards it. From a distance, it looks relatively simple. At the end of each branch, is a baseball size white flower. However, when looking more closely, you find an incredibly detailed and complex blossom. The bloom consists of hundreds of tiny five-petal flowers, each in shades of soft cream and pink and cradling five yellow stamens. It took me a while to determine the best way to capture its beauty. I don’t think I have done it justice. You will have to trust me when I tell you that its flowers are exquisite.

Day 46 – Monday, May 4

‘Aslan in Profile’

I have been trying to find unique ways to create portraits of Aslan and Daisy. Today while I was playing with Aslan, I noticed his silhouette against the front door. He is a handsome kitty!

Day 47 – Tuesday, May 5

‘A Morning with Daisy’

The light in our family room was beautiful this morning. Over the last few days, I have struggled to find photographs. Today was different. Daisy was enjoying the sun, watching the birds, and feeling playful, so I grabbed my camera. A bit of sun can make the world seem different.

Day 48 – Wednesday, May 6

‘Cat Yoga’

It was a rough day today for me, emotionally. I can’t wait for the pandemic restrictions to lift or at least to ease somewhat. Not being able to hold and hug someone and tell them it will all be OK makes me feel like I’m suffocating. Hopefully, tomorrow is better. I didn’t feel much like shooting today. However, I knew it would take my mind off things. Aslan found a late afternoon sunbeam and had a bath. I wish I were as flexible as he is.

Day 49 – Thursday, May 7

‘Kitchen Utensils’

I was about to make Paul his birthday cake this morning when I put the whisk down on the counter. I loved the shadow, so I switched gears and picked up my camera. His birthday isn’t until tomorrow; the baking could wait, the light wouldn’t! I decided to rearrange a few things, moving the container with all my cooking utensils to the beautiful morning light by the window. A few minutes later, I had an image that made me happy. And don’t worry, the cake did get baked!

Day 50 – Friday, May 8

‘Morning Poppies’

It has been over seven weeks since I began posting a photograph every day while under provincial stay-at-home orders. Today is image fifty. Some of my photos have been Covid-19 related; some have deep personal meaning. Others I took when I saw beautiful light or some when the cats amused me. As British Columbia is starting to lay out plans for slowly reopening the province, I have decided to cut back on my posts. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be taking photographs. I will continue to post, but not as frequently as I have been. This morning I have a trio of poppies for you. Enjoy!

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