Today marks the end of our third week in isolation and my second week of documenting the Covid-19 pandemic through photographs. There is so much disturbing news overwhelming us right now. So this week, I want to bring you a personal story that has a happy ending. This unanticipated result of the lockdown has brought so much happiness to my husband and me.

Empty Nesters

My husband and I have been empty nesters for almost eight years now. Both our daughters have great jobs and lives of their own. However, due to a rough patch nearly four weeks ago, our youngest came home for a “week or so” of much needed TLC. Then three weeks ago, Novel Coronavirus reared its ugly head in Canada, resulting in a stay at home advisory. So instead of going back to her empty basement suite, Lisa, and her two cats, decided to hunker down with us.

We Are in this Together

Suddenly our small house grew from two adults and two cats to three adults and four cats! So what is life like now? Well, here is a bit of the backstory first.

Aries vs Taurus

Lisa and I are very similar. We are both stubborn and have strong-willed personalities. As a child, and especially as a teenager, we seemed to butt heads all the time. Whenever we argued, neither one of us was very good at backing down! From a very young age, Lisa was fiercely independent. She took her first steps when she was only nine months old! When Lisa moved out on her own, we often felt quite distant from her. She was far too proud to ask for help, or even for a hug.

Unconditional Love

It has been four weeks since Lisa moved back home. Three of which we have been under quarantine. Are we ready to kill each other yet? No! The cats might feel that way, but not me; quite the opposite. I am so grateful that we have this time together. Time for talking, hugging, and a few tears. Time for listening and learning. Patience, kindness, and love. For all the anxiety, depression, and grief this pandemic has unleashed, it has brought my youngest back into my arms. For that, I will always be sincerely grateful.

Covid Diary Week Two

Here are a few of the images I created this week. I hope you enjoy them and that they make you smile. Until next time, please stay safe, stay home, and stay healthy!

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Day 8

‘Virtual Glass of Wine’

Tonight we had a wonderful virtual visit with two good friends who live 2000 km away in Houston, Texas. It did not make up for the trip in April we had to cancel, but it was the next best thing given the current situation. We talked and laughed for almost two hours. What an excellent way to spend a Friday evening. Cheers to you all!

Day 9


I went for my morning walk today in the rain. It was coming down so hard that I didn’t see a soul, not even a dog walker. I found hope, though, and it made me smile. This sign reminded me that like the rain, Covid-19 will come to an end at some point.

Day 10

‘Daisy Dreaming’

The sun broke through the clouds for a bit this morning and flooded into the family room. It lifted my spirits. Even the cats seemed to cheer up. I caught Daisy and her shadow dreaming at the window.

Day 11

‘Fresh Egg Delivery’

Road trip! I had an adventure today. I am in a group that buys fresh eggs from a farmer up the valley. Melanie or her husband bring their eggs into town every two to three weeks for us. However, with the current Covid situation, she isn’t able to make the trip. Luckily though, she was okay with one of us heading out to the farm to pick them up. So I became the egg lady today. I was very nervous about carting 25 flats home. Luckily there were no casualties over the hour and a quarter drive home! During the process, we observed safe social distancing and transferred funds electronically, so no cash was touched. And I washed my hands copious times! An omelette is on the menu for dinner tonight!

Day 12

My 5’2″ Sheet Metal Worker

Our daughter, Lisa, is a sheet metal worker. Construction is considered an essential service in British Columbia, so she is still working. Being able to work has its benefits, as she is still getting a paycheque. However, every day I wonder if she will be able to stay safe and healthy.

Day 13

‘Bad Kitty’⁠

I introduced you to our daughter, Lisa, yesterday. Well, this is her six-month-old kitten. They are both staying with us during the Covid-19 virus quarantine. Annie was not a good kitten today!

Day 14

‘I’m Sorry’

After yesterday’s toilet paper fiasco with Annie, I decided to have a heart to heart chat with her. I told her about the pandemic sweeping the globe, and about the empty supermarket shelves. She listened very intently, occasionally rubbing her head against my leg. She looked a little scared, so I told her it would be alright and rubbed her chin. She said to tell everyone that she is very sorry about shredding a coveted toilet paper roll, and she promises not to do it again. I gave her a feather on a string to play with, and this made her very happy.