From April 5th to the 25th 2014, my husband and I embarked on a wonderful adventure. We travelled to Ecuador to celebrate both of our 50th birthdays and our 25th wedding anniversary (all of which occurred in a three week gap near the time of our trip).


We landed in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where we spent two days. Then we flew 600 miles off the coast, on the equator, to the Galapagos Islands. Here we spent twelve incredible days sailing around the islands on the MV Samba with her fantastic crew and photography guides Bob and Diane Harvey (Nature Photography Adventures). The final leg of our trip was to La Selva Lodge, an eco lodge east of the Andes in the Amazon jungle.


The places we saw and the people we met were amazing. We had an unbelievable time and will always remember this “once in a lifetime” trip.