July 23, 2016

On July 23, Fuji camera users in more than 40 different locations around the world participated in the 2016 FujiLove Global Photowalk. The photowalk was sponsored by the FujiLove website and magazine.

I was lucky enough to lead a walk through the French Quarter of New Orleans. Unfortunately the weather was not the most cooperative. We were under a heat advisory, with temperatures around 41C (106F). Knowing that it would be a tad on the hot side, we started the walk at 8am. Besides getting our walk in before the heat of the day, this gave us about an hour and a half to wander the French Quarter as it was waking up. No crowds, only the bustle of street cleaners and merchants readying their shops.

We finished our walk around 11:30 and headed over to the Napoleon House for lunch, where we all ordered muffulettas! These traditional New Orleans sandwiches come warm from the oven, loaded with melted provolone and Swiss cheese, and laden with ham, genoa salami and pastrami. A housemade olive salad tops it all off and provides the perfect counterpoint to the meats and cheeses. It was a great way to finish up our photowalk!

Here is a small collection of my images from the walk.