Today my daughter and I went on a photo walk through Steveston. We spent a day there exploring, birding and taking pictures.

Steveston village is a historic salmon canning centre at the mouth of the South Arm of the Fraser River, in Richmond, British Columbia. The town is currently most famous for being the fictional Maine town of Storybrooke for the hit television series ‘Once Upon A Time’. We spent time walking along the dike in the rain and poking through the shops in the historic downtown centre. We even ate lunch at The Cannery Café, better known as ‘Granny’s Diner’ on the TV show! A tropical kingbird had been reported in the area throughout the week, a very rare bird for the area!  And although we did not find the kingbird during our Steveston visit, we saw large flocks of snow geese, marsh wrens, song sparrows, Lincoln’s sparrows a northern shrike, a coyote and the cutest calf that looked like an oreo cookie!