In the portfolios below you will find a collection of my favourite photographs.

Street Life

Street photography is new to me but has quickly become my favourite genre of photography. These images portray day-to-day life from my own unique perspective.

Urban and Architecture

With my background in structural engineering, I find the study of architectural and urban settings fascinating. At first glance cities and streets may seem mundane, but through the lens, they take on a new perspective. They make strong, graphic statements.

Landscapes and Seascapes

Many people think of landscapes when they think of photography. This collection of photographs includes not only traditional land and seascapes taken with wide angle lenses, but also images that were taken with longer focal lengths. Longer focal lengths allow the photographer to isolate objects often lost in larger vistas.


Animals and Birds

I am an avid birder and love wildlife. This collection of images is all about animals.



I love being outside. Hiking and camping are two of my favourite past times. Unlike larger landscapes, these images are small slices of nature. The kind you find by slowing down, opening your eyes and looking within yourself for inspiration.