There have been many times when the weather just doesn’t entice me to go outside and take photos! On those days it is nice to have an indoor project. These photographs were all part of image “assignments” and “challenges”.

The first two images were shot for a hi-key/low-key assignment. Those are images that are either mostly all light, or mostly all dark.

The two images of the bubbly fruit were shot for a “home shoot” assignment for one of the clubs I belonged to in Houston. It was a lot of fun to experiment with lighting. I put the fruit in a glass of 7-up. The shoot was much harder than I had anticipated as the bubbles did not cooperate and the fruit wanted to either sink or float in the wrong position!

The last shot, “Fresh Out of the Oven”, was for an assignment titled “Out of Context”. I wanted to come up with a perspective that you wouldn’t typically see.