Post Cards from NYC – The Streets of Manhattan

Feb 28, 2018

Last June I had an incredible visit to New York City. So today, I want to share the second blog in my Post Cards from NYC series with you. You can find last week’s on Coney Island here

With over 1.64 million people living in under 23 square miles, Manhattan is a street photographer’s heaven! Extraordinary characters and fantastic backdrops are found everywhere in the city. And there is a vibrancy that emanates from the streets that is unmatched by any other city I have visited. I hope you enjoy my journey through the Manhattan’s streets.

Street Photography in my DNA

I have been to New York City three times. The first was with my daughter back in 2011. At that time I would have considered myself a landscape and wildlife photographer. In fact, back then I didn’t know that “Street Photography” was even a genre of its own. As a result, I find it interesting that my two favourite photographs from that trip are street photographs!

Prints of both of these images still hang on my walls. Looking back, I guess street photography must be in my DNA! However, since taking those shots, my style of street photography has matured. I am always looking for those brief moments where a subject, the light, and a background come together to create a unique view of everyday life.

Through the Eyes of a Street Photographer

My second trip to NYC, in February 2017, was to attend the FujiLove Live conference, and I blogged about that trip last spring. The difference between the first trip with my daughter and these past two is that on these trips I was looking at the city through the eyes of a street photographer. Manhatten is to a street photographer as a candy store is to a hungry child! Sometimes I found myself overwhelmed by all there was to photograph. During those moments I had to step back for a bit and breathe. I realized that sometimes Manhattan is too big for the frame. You need to soak it in through your body and soul and let the camera rest.

Here are my latest photographs from the streets of Manhattan. I hope you are able to feel the vibrancy of the city as you look through them.

Next week I will wrap up this series with a more sombre look at NYC through some images taken around the 911 Memorial and at Ellis Island. Until then, cheers, and see you next week.