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What do Bird and Street Photography Have in Common?

I'm writing this on a flight heading down to Houston, Texas. As we cruise along at 35,000 ft, I was contemplating what I could write about for my next blog post. I was listening to the latest episode of Ted Vierra’s new podcast, Photography Matters, and it...

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Do Female Street Photographers See Differently?

This month, some of my work is featured in the print edition of "The Site Magazine," along with the work of five other incredible female street photographers from across Canada. It is an honour to have my images showcased alongside Dzesika Devic, Angela...

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The 24 Hour Project Reflections

Wow! What a day! On Saturday, April 7th, over 4200 people from 850 cities in 104 countries participated in the 24 Hour Project. I was lucky enough to be one of them! Participants took photographs documenting life in their town for 24 hours. The catch was...

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Street Photography is Cheaper than Therapy!

Last week we moved out of the house we moved into just six months ago. We are undertaking a major renovation to transform this house into our forever home. This move is the fourth one in six years for us! For the next month, we are camping out...

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What is your Street Photography Style?

I've been actively enjoying street photography for almost two years now. And as I pursue this challenging genre, I wonder if I have managed to develop my own street photography style, or if this is something I need to work on? Should my images have a...

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Silhouettes in Street Photography

I see a little silhouetto of a man. I can't help humming the verse from Queen's 1975 hit, "Bohemian Rhapsody" when I'm shooting silhouettes! Photographing silhouettes is about more than capturing an underexposed figure against a bright background. For a...

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Postcards from NYC – 9/11 & Ellis Island

For the last installment of my Postcards from NYC series, I have some images from the 9/11 Memorial and Ellis Island to share with you. Now I live almost 4000 km away from the World Trade Centre site. And I do not know anyone directly affected by the...

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Have I Taken My Best Shot Already?

Last week I said that I would share the last of my Postcards from NYC series with you, but you will have to wait a week for that! Instead, I want to share some thoughts about my last three excursions shooting while my memories of them are still fresh. Last...

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Post Cards from NYC – The Streets of Manhattan

Last June I had an incredible visit to New York City. So today, I want to share the second blog in my Post Cards from NYC series with you. You can find last week's on Coney Island here.  With over 1.64 million people living in under 23 square miles,...

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Post Cards from NYC – Coney Island Edition

One of my goals this year is to post to my blog once a week. Some of my musings will be instructive, some will be inspirational, and others will just be about the images I have taken recently. And by recently, I mean over the last year! Yes, I know, I was...

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Superman and the Shy Street Photographer

You may be wondering what Superman and a shy street photographer have in common. Bear with me for a few minutes, and I'll try to fill you in! I am an extremely shy person. I remember being so nervous when I had to give oral presentations in...

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The Street is a Stage

There are many ways to approach street photography. One of my favourites takes patience but almost always pays off with a great image. The trick is to find an interesting background and turn the street into a stage. A ray of light, a wall with...

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